Saying Goodbye, New Beginnings…

The old, old saying goes “As one door closes,  another door opens” Wise, wise words from whoever expressed them originally.

Yesterday I had to say goodbye to a place so very close to my heart. The decision was made for all the right reasons. That place holds so many beautiful memories, a place of peace and love. A place of relaxation and fun. However,  like most things in life, good and bad it came to an end. 

As mentioned before it has given memories that I could never of had, and memories can not be taken away. Good ones can be treasured close to the heart and help produce unconditional love. That’s what life is all about. If you allow this to happen the not so good memories fade slowly away until they are nothing but a slight mist occasionally in the air.

Its sometimes hard to say goodbye. Wether it be an inanimate object, a place that we love, a friendship,  a love that we have known or simply a time we want to hold onto. If however we remember that old, wise proverb I mentoned at the start then new pastures must be ahead of us.

New adventures, new beginnings, new loves and friendships. Each day starts and fresh, bright steps are taken that create new beginnings.

Shutting doors quietly and taking with us the happiness and love, opening up a new door then brings us excitement,   adventure and experience. So we continue our very own unique journey of life. Saying good bye, but remembering we can always have a new beginning.

sjc 19/11/2017 @13:30

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