Giving without receiving. 

I love to give to people. I always have.

You can give many things, presents of splendor that glisten and glow. Practical presents, that whenever used you may well go through someones mind. Edible delights,  that always go down well, in more ways than one!!!

All the above are beautiful. Now let’s think, what other things can we give that don’t come with bows and glisten, things that are actually free and yet they will be carried around everyday. We can give time, we can give love, we can give hugs and we can give ourselves completely. To be there for someone is surely worth more than gold itself.

Many years ago when I was at college a fellow student said to me. “Friendship is like a garden of flowers… It grows” I write that statement in the front of my diary every year. It is one of the most orofound things that anyone has ever said to me. It cost nothing at all and it was given to me free of charge. I see it everyday. From those words I realise what a very lucky lady I am, as I have true, faithful and loving friends.

Its so pleasurable to give whatever it may be. To see delight in peoples faces. That amazement and excitement. A strong embrace from nowhere,  when life gives you sorrow,  or when its time to celebrate. You don’t need any return for this, its priceless, precious and beautiful and true.

Whatever you give, give with your heart, give with love and give because you want to, not for reward or praise. Just give and a millionaire you will be with frienship and love. “Priceless”

sjc 26/11/2017 

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