Negativity Verses Positivity… 

Now lets pause to ponder on these two words. Polar opposites!!!

Today we hear alot about having a “Positive Mental Attitude”. People who generally say these things are more often than not in a very good, secure and stable life. Very little to worry about and not really alot of “Life Experience”. That is lovely. “Positive Attitude” therefore is easy to grasp, hold onto and tell the world all about.

Negativity, well thats a different story all together. It develops as life gives you knock after knock and sometimes getting back up is a struggle, then, when you do something blows you down again. Your cognitive cycle then gets so use to being knocked,  negativity sets in, and tends to stay. Rather a vicious circle.

Most people go around with a happy, middle of the road attitude. Going about their business and dealing with “Life” as it happens. The extremes that were mentioned before are fewer, but they do occur and most folk don’t understand.

Its a danger to be too positive, because if things don’t go according to plan, down you go and dealing with it is hard. Danger also occurs when life is too negative. Picking yourself up when something is positive or uplifting can be a massive task.

Life is rather like an onion!!! Each day cosists of layers, very fine layers that can be held together as a whole helping all the other layers stay strong and firm and full of flavour. However when you start peeling away at the layers and finding out more, then it looses it strength and negative thoughts become apparent and the tears of negativity form. To stay balanced we have to have the correct ingredients and use the ingredients wisely. Taking it one day, or, as the onion, one layer at a time. This, then enables us to weigh out our positive and negative to the right solution for ourselves. 

Wether you are a positive person with a brilliant perspective on life or a person who struggles with negativity its always worth remembering that everyone has their own path, and thats the path they should follow if it is right for them. Therefore the anseer to to titled article is simple… “Live and Let Live”!!!! 

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