Organisation, a long word, however a word that I need in my life. I know from vast experience that if I am not organised then my complete life is a mess.

Planning before we do, organising times, events, dates and numerous other things before the actual date inevitably makes each occasion a more pleasurable experience. After the occasion sitting back and reviewing it, then gives insight on future plans and gives opportunity to develop.

It sounds quite formal and tedious but think about something big, like building a house. You need to carefully plan, measurements, footings, walls, ceilings, electrical circuits, water mains, gas supply. Then you have to create it into a home. Perhaps once it has been done, you can review and alter to suit. The end result will be the efforts of either good or bad planning and organisation.

I file, a place for everything and everything in its place. It is not a hard task as it makes life simple. Simplicity is the name of the game!!! Reaching just over half a century and I am only just beginning to realise that being organised is far more simple than the alternative.

Organisation, planning and reviewing, saves time, money and surely emotional sanity!!!! Go on folks, give it a try… 

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