Seasons Greetings… 

As the yuletide spirit starts to glow, and people hurriedly dash to buy gifts for their loved ones and special friends. The ching, ting of the cash registers ring. Decorations going up in splender, trees being decorated and cards being sent. It is said that it is “The season to be jolly”

Certainly if all the above mentioned is true, it should be a “Season to be jolly”. In reality however things are so very different. The pressure of  buying what people want,  rather than need. The pressure of what it should be like, rather than what it is like. The greed of society takes over and amongst it,  the real meaning of Christmas disappears in a puff of smoke.

Christmas is surely about the warmth of a family, gathering together, to share love, laughter and to make life long memories. It’s about friendship and well wishes. Its about a baby being born, a baby that brought peace and love to the earth. Well that’s what the good book says.

All this went astray as the age of materialism came upon us. Bigger, better, brighter. More, more, more. The fantasy, the story and the excitement faded to a dream. Replaced by overspending, greed and selfishness. 

Memories can never be taken away. They can be kept in the heart and mind forever. The money and the greed only generate bad feelings and therefore there is no “Season to be jolly”

Christmas “A time for receiving and for giving” Surely to give and receive LOVE,  is far better than a new iphone!!! Love, true love doesn’t cost a penny and is worth more than a bucket full of gold… 

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