Seasons Greetings (part 2)

The joyful cheer of Christmas started today. Having been invited to a “Carol Service”. It was warm, full of people who really knew the exact meaning of the season. We knew no one there except the person who had generously invited us. We were treated like royalty. The welcome warm and loving, the atmosphere generated yuletide by the real meaning.

Suprisingly there were no crowds, no arguments, no hostility, no ringing of tills, no pushing, no shuffing and no upsets. Society today seems to breed this sort of discontent around Christmas. Everything at that gathering was freely given including the homemade refreshments at the end. No one wanted or needed anymore. 

Surely this is what its all about. People wanting, demanding and even arguing over this very special time are surely hethans,  who do not or will not ever understand what the Christmas message is all about. It’s about love and friendship, gatherings of friends and family alike. All of which are always on offer as they are free.

Christmas is love”  please, please,  please let this message shine. If you can’t love what is the use of giving. Giving without love has no meaning. Give love as it is the greatest gift on earth. 

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