The Love of Giving

Why do we give?  What do we give?

It is the time of year that the exchanging of gifts is abundant. In the workplace people come loaded down with presents.  In groups and societies exactly the same happens. Then closer to home people exchange gifts to family members and close friends. Surprised looks on peoples faces as they receive their gifts. It appears to be what this time of year is about. Giving and receiving of gifts.

Why do we give? We give because it is a tradition, it is what the human race has done for centuries and today we give because it is what we have always done. Household budgets go out of the window, and plastic cards become very prominent and extremely flexible. The cost of advertising for retailers, whether on the high street or online is astronomical. They must sell, we must buy and then we give. We give to people we don’t really know. We give to families that we only see once a year. Everywhere you go, its advertised to give.

Merchandise from confectionery to diamonds and gold are purchased. Cosmetics and perfumes. Gift vouchers for life experiences and of course money is exchanged in hope people will buy something that they want with it in the January sales!!!

The pressures on society to buy and give at the festive season are ever increasing. It is what is expected….


No matter what the cost of a gift, what people want and need, all the gifts and the money in the world cannot buy LOVE or FRIENDSHIP.  These beautiful gifts do not cost a penny. They are never on offer and they will never be upgraded. They are pure, from the heart and they are truly, truly meant so that people can be happy. All the money in the world cannot bring you happiness and love.

The greatest gift you can give anyone is yourself. Is your time and of course your friendship and your love, and you don’t need Christmas Day for that. If you give these priceless gifts, your return will be second to none. You will receive back, peoples time, peoples love and peoples friendship.

Easy, give yourself, and, when the New year celebrations begin you will be able to give these wonderful gifts once again with 100% return.

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