Love at Christmas Time… 

At this festive time of year, we all send messages through many different ways of communication. Cards are traditional. However today there is email, text, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, face time, the list is endless. Its a time of year for keeping in touch and saying “Hello”!!!

As the season continues, gifts are exchanged, expenditure hits astronomic levels, and debt increases. Why? Is it because Christians out there do this as this is what the three kings did in Bethlehem? Perhaps there are a few nowadays that recognise this tradition. However 98% of people just over indulge with no reason as it is just “What we do for December 25th”.

If you look around, around local town centres, cities and lonely dark corners there are peoole who don’t want anything for Christmas except LOVE.  There are people in residential dwellings that only want this too. People alone and lonely. Surely the greatest gift of all at this season is LOVE. If you can put a smile on someone’s face that hasn’t had one for a while, you will have given the greatest gift of all LOVE.

Why celebrate something that you can’t practice throughout the year? Why celebrate if you are unable to do so properly.

It is love that brings joy this Christmas, the greatest gift of all. Spread it around and open your hearts and minds to people who won’t even know its Christmas time. 

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