As the Christmas season folds away slowly and people wait for the New Year activities to take place. There is always a period of time to reflect and ponder.

Many people start looking forward to a New Year. They make plans, resolutions and look forward in anticipation to a new beginning. Others look back on the old year, the year just about to end and take stock of what has happened. Whatever people decide to do is personal and very private to the individual.

This period can also be used for catching up with people that have been out of circulation for the year just gone. What is it about this fortnight that encourages people to go and visit, or communicate in some other way with people they have not seen during the year.  A token communication or visit, a token present, because people think its a duty. If it is a duty to do it, then surely it is not from the heart. All parts of giving whether it is  a form of communication, a term of endearment, a telephone call or another form of communication should be meant, from the heart and not a duty because it is “That time of year”.

The greatest gift anyone can give is “TIME” .  Time is something you cannot get back. Time is something that doesn’t cost, can be given freely and yet people only give tokens of it at this season.

The greatest gift is LOVE, surely to give love properly and therefore to receive this gift we should endeavour to give people time all year and not  “Tokens” of it. Looking forward and into the year ahead there are a lot of months, weeks ,hours, minutes and seconds before we all send , give and receive tokens of whatever again, because “its that time of year” . Don’t do tokens.. .  Be a millionaire give love and time all year through.

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