New Beginnings 

It’s New Years Eve and hopes are high, let one year in, kiss one goodbye.”

I know this lyric from an Elton John album that I had many years ago. The lyric rings true for me each new years eve.

Great expectations come upon most people on this day every year. Resolutions are made, life improving decisions, goodbye to the old and on with the new!! The list is endless and again very, very personal. Sadly for most people these changes lose sight after a few weeks, and life continues as it always does.

My life personally has been a struggle for almost four years, why? Because “Life” happens. I rarely celebrate a new year. There are people who don’t quite understand this. Life has a new start everyday. The cockerel sings each dawn to celebrate this. He will sing again tomorrow morning and repeatedly so each three hundred and sixty five days after that!!! I am no humbug and certainly no misery about life, if I was, I would of given up years ago. Life I believe is a journey not a destination, a journey that we travel everyday. What we do about that journey is up to ourselves. I am grateful each day that I awaken. I am most certainly grateful for the good times in my life, there have been many. On the other side of the spectrum, I am also grateful for the more unfavourable times in my life. Without those times I could never appreciate, embrace and thoroughly enjoy life when it is smooth. The cycle continues. Without the hard times we can not appreciate good times, and if we don’t have times of trial occasionally we would be unable to cope when they do arise.

This year however I will be celebrating the start of 2018. I will be with people I love, really and truly love. It will be the first time I have done this in many years. There will be no fireworks, no crowded bar room, no hustle or bustle. There will be friends and family gathered around a table exchanging good wishes and of course beautiful friendship and love. There will be laughter and quality coversation. All the things that are good in life. Then when the clock strikes midnight our journey will continue into another day, and the cockerel will crow at dawn. Everybody’s journey will begin again.

“It’s New Years Eve and hopes are high, let one year in kiss one goodbye”

I wish everyone who reads this blog, all the good things that life has to offer, family friendship, love and warmth I wish you all a wonderful 2018, remembering of course that each day is the new day of our journey, a new beginning, a new chapter.

From my heart, as always… …

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