“Hope”  The English Dictionary tells us that “Hope” is a feeling of expectation or desire for a particular thing to happen.

Hope is a four letter word. A small word that carries an enormous amount of weight. It is easily said, but, in trying times of life it is very difficult to find. Someone once said to me…  “Never lose hope” . At that particular time in my life , “Hope” was the last thing on my mind. Today, however I see the logic in what they were saying. If we lose “Hope” we lose a little bit of sanity, we lose a little bit of wholeness, we lose a little bit of our emotional well being and if we lose all that, then what have we got to give of ourselves?

We don’t always get what we want in life, well certainly not when we want it anyway. We don’t always get the desired outcome we want. Things don’t always go according to plan, and, plans don’t always go the way we want. That is life. However if we have that little word, and carry it around where it matters in our hearts “Hope” then sometimes it can lead us away from a feeling of despair into a more comfortable zone. A place of peace. A space for  thinking about other things and other people rather than ourselves. This, surely has to be a good thing.

“Hope” gives us positivity, when we can only see negativity. “Hope” lets us see forwards instead of backwards. “Hope” lets us see things outside the box. “Hope” gives us a little salvation when we think we have lost. “Hope” gives us strength to carry on, not only for ourselves but for the people we love as well.

if we awake each morning with a little bit of “Hope” for the new day, tucked deep in our hearts. Not only do we have a better day, we can give someone else a better day too.  Giving someone else something they don’t have is a very good feeling. I know this because when I was told “Never lose hope” it was very hard. However deep in my heart I never did. I thought outside the box, I thought of other people. Things did work out, how they were meant to.

“Hope” A small word with a very big meaning. Please don’t lose sight of this, in this very big, evolving world.

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