A friend is someone who comes in when the whole world has gone out”

What a beautiful affirmation. Simple, to the point and very true. There are many people in this world who we know. They maybe a neighbour with whom we share conversations with over a fence. We know our work colleagues. Acquaintances crop up in our lives and then disappear. There are people who know us when we are in our prime, affluent or are of some use to them. All of these are relationships. However are they “friendships”?

I was bought a postcard many years ago with the above quote written on it. I put it on my dressing table mirror. As the years have past that card unfortunately went by the wayside. I can see it clearly in my minds eye now as I write. However those powerful words have remained with me. 

Fair weathered friends, people who breeze into your life and quickly lose interest when you are down on your uppers. People who you are good to during difficult and trying circumstances in their lives, who choose to forget about you when you are on rocky ground. Do these people really know what being a true and trusted friend is about. 

Friendship is a priceless gift that cannot be bought or sold” (Helen Stiener Rice)

How accurate. True lasting friendship holds no boundaries, it is unconditional in every way, it weathers storms and adds sunshine to dark, deep days. Friendship is a form of a very deep love and has a strength no human can break. It is surely better to have a few very true friends than a host of people who have no real idea of who you are, and what your individual life is about. 

Having sailed many stormy seas in my short (ish) life on this planet. I have been at a great advantage to of met many people. People from many different countries, social standings, professions and backgrounds. Each one has taught me something new. However out of all these people I have logically  and emotionally worked out who are precious enough to be my “friends”. Those beautiful and genuine people not only came in, but continue to stand in with me when the rest of the world goes out.

I toast those people, I salute them. They give me a priceless gift and I hope I give it back to them. Never underestimate the bonds of real friendship. It is rare and it is solid. It is beautiful and unique. It is pure LOVE. 

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