I have recently read a book on “Silence”. It gave me a great insight into the world today. The man who wrote it had explored great heights and depths from the “North to the South Pole” and also conquered “Everest”.

Where in todays society do we have “Silence”? You can dine out in high class restaurants and you will hear a mobile phone ring, beep or play a jingle. On a bus, there is rarely two people chatting as they have been stood in the same queue. People will be conversing with a plastic box that keeps making different sounds. There is an ever increasing noise in the world today.

Take your imaginations to the top of a mountain. No one there but you. Breathe in the clean, fresh air and exhale. All you can hear is “Mother Nature”. Listen. In the silence, in the peace your own mind finds a place that is totally different. It naturally slows down and becomes calm. The whole of your body loses its tensions and suddenly the realisation of “Silence” is upon you. No phones, no interruptions, no chatting or hurrying. Idyllic.

You don’t have to be up a mountain to do this, although that would be lovely. You can be in a busy city sreet. Alot more consentration is needed. Zone out of the busyness. Let your mind switch off. The images of people hurrying through life and “Silence”. Its simply wonderful.

The thought is, today there is noise, but surely if we look for silence for a few moments each day and breathe, then perhaps the benefits would be positive for ourselves and others, leading to a more harmonious society. 

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