In life we have to react. Whatever the circumstances reaction is a natural body instinct.

There are our reactions that we have no control over. If you put your hand on something hot, you remove it straight away, without thinking. We have reflexes that do this for us. The first few minutes after you are born, you have a walking reflex. This leaves you more or less seconds after,  as your body knows it hasn’t the strength at that time to carry out this function. All forms of reactions.

The other side of reacting is not so controllable. Your emotional ones. Reaction to a command, your reaction to a cross word, an aggressive approach or a misunderstanding. It is easy to be verbally angry. Probably the  most natural way to be. However reacting in this manner rarely has successful outcomes, and situations escalate. Remaining calm, and walking away gives you and the other person space. It allows time to reflect. This enables the situation to diffuse.  So when things are calm, resolving the issue is less of a task. Resentments are not harboured thus leading to a more harmonious conclusion.

Reacting is very easy. It takes time, patience and hard work not to. However as in most cases in life, hard work does pay off. The result of this work is far better than the alternative.

Thus leading onto the beautiful subject of another positive trait “patience”…… 

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