How much patience do we have nowadays?  We rush from place to place always on the go. As we move,  we network all the time on phones, ipads and laptops. “Must meet deadlines, must email, must contact…” Rush, rush, rush… Its’s good to be busy. However does the rush of everyday life today eliminate us from “Patience?”

“Patience” it sounds peaceful. Patience is all about calmness from within. It comes from being tolerant of different people. Every person is unique, that is what makes this planet beautiful. Within our lives we meet thousands of people. All with different types of personality and culture. We can’t possibly click with everyone, however we can learn to have patience and acceptance. We can adopt these positive attributes to everday living and just an ounce of either, can go a very long way to making a hurried,  indecisive world into a calmer, understanding and loving environment.

“A little bit of patience, goes a long way” A learnt behaviour that takes time to adopt, but the results are phenomenal. 

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