Wanting Verses Needing

As a child I watched from a very early age “Make Believe”. I loved pretty ladies marrying very handsome men and living happily ever after!! As the years passed I continued to watch fantasy. American soap operas with the same fantasy in mind. My dreams were just that, dreams. Adulthood came about and reality was inevitable.

I have worked hard trying to “fit in” this funny old world. Mistakes I admit to making many. However I have learnt alot from these, and now have a life beyond my dreams, but it is a life of reality. Something happened to me today that has taught me to be grateful for the life I have worked hard to achieve.

I was driving through a village that I would love to live in. There for sale was a beautiful property. Oh, that property made me think, it drew me in. I went about my business and then looked the property up on the website. Beautiful reception rooms, a very large kitchen, a conservatory fit for a queen. Minton tiled hallway, featured fire places, two bathrooms and four bedrooms. It was old, full of character and charm. Now the price was good too. We could do that I thought. Butterflies devloped in my stomach, my pulse almost tachycardic. “My dream, my dream”

Now then, I obviously had to put this to my husband. Reality comes in. “No”!!! Why?? We don’t need all that room. We don’t need the bills that will come and we haven’t got anything to prove to any one!!! He went on to remind me about a friend of mine, not as fortunate as myself. I felt so much guilt.

I wanted that house, I wanted to achieve my little girls dream. All for the wrong reasons. I could have had it and that is beautiful as I never thought I would of been able to. However I don’t need it. My beautiful friend is in a totally different position to me and it took my husband to remind me what we have is so much more than other people. Why want more!!!

As we were out at the time of this discussion I treated my friend. I look forward to giving her a token. I know she deserves a treat. I know how she feels, I empathise with her.

Surely life is about giving ourselves to people, understanding and compassion. That is what I have learned in this funny old world. Yet I still went back to my old ways and wanted more, more, more. That’s not me today and it took my lovely husband to remind me

Wanting and needing, a good debate!!!

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