“Let it Be”

I do believe this lyric from the famous “Beatles” song came from a dream “Paul Mc Cartney” had. He was very unfortunate to lose his mother at a very early age, and struggled along with life. In the dream his mother said to him “Let it Be”

Sound words. Strong words. Wise words. Let it Be. Pause, ponder, think… Its about acceptance. Even the most strongest powerful and influential people on the earth have to learn acceptance. We have to accept things we cannot change. These being, people, places and things. We are totally powerless over others, over attitudes, over motives, over egos. We are all to ready to judge people as it makes us feel better about ourselves. Places we cannot do anything about, they are what they are. We do have a choice wether to go there or not. Things, well thats up to us, things we have or not.

I am very honest that I find life an upward struggle alot of the time. Many hurdles come along my path on what apoears to be a fairly regular basis. I try not to advertise this to the public, it really isn’t anyones business but my own. However, I know that humans, being humans, judge. During my life on earth I have learnt not to do this, as it hurts. I know what its like to hurt, it cuts deep and leaves scars. I understand alot of how people feel because I have had a cocktail of feelings all my life. Today, I accept this. Today I am grateful that I haven’t lived a sheltered, quite, uneventful life. Strange thing to say, for most folks. My eventful, stormy, varied and roller-coaster life has taught me that acceptance of people, places and things whatever they maybe, is the key. “Let it Be”…

Through good times, rejoice, “Let it Be”. Through rough times “Let it Be” When people, places and things disturb you “Let it Be”. There is an art to doing this. It takes patience, kindness and alot of willingness. It can only be achieved a moment at a time. I thank “Sir Paul McCartney”, for his dream, for his words, for without them I would not have acceptance, and without self acceptace (not self confidence, or self worth that’s egotism) I wouldn’t be me and I wouldn’t be me without my daily struggles, so I “Let it Be” and struggle less.

“Let it be, let it be, whisper words of wisdom, let it be”

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