Valentines Day

The 14th February is upon us once again. An annual day to celebrate “LOVE, PASSION, ROMANCE”. Its a day couples decide to perhaps put a little effort in and show their love and devotion to each other. Splendid!!!

Tradtionally it is called “Saint Valentines Day” or “Feast of Saint Valentine”. Originally a western christian feast day honouring two saints named “Valentinas”. It is recognised as a significant cultural, religious and commercial celebration of romance in many regions around the world. In early years cards were sent anonymously with either a question mark or a cross to symbolise a kiss. Nowadays it is not quite as secretive. Bold and obvious are the words that come to mind.

Walking through a shopping centre, a city centre, a supermarket or even a corner shop. Cards are everywhere, balloons galore, chocolates and flowers at increased prices, the list is endless. Walk down the aisle of liquor, and wine is covered in red bows and hearts. Its captivating to look at, beautiful and tempting to the eye. Restaurants dine out with the idea of couples getting loved up over a meal and a bottle of bubbles. All to celebrate “Love”.

It is a beautiful thing to love someone deeply. Love makes the world go round. It is a journey to grow together, to grow in love. Love changes as it matures and becomes alot more precious and special. This surely is about all love, the love parents give to us as children surely has an influence on how we love as we get older. We love our friends, we love our families and if we are lucky we love ourselves too.

I believe that love like life is a journey not a destination. All journeys have bends and bumps but if it is true, a beautiful journey shall be enjoyed so there is no need for a destination, just longevity and a good sense of humour!!!

Valentines day, I shall tell my beautiful husband that I love him. Every day must be Valentines as I do that everyday. I shall also tell alot of other people I love them too. Very fortunate arn’t I to be able to do this.

“Love is a very splendid thing…”

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