“Affection”, a beautiful word. You rarely hear it nowadays. Do people today actually know what it is?

This term of endearment appears to be a thing of the past. Everyone in a hurry, meeting deadlines, working round the clock, talking on phones or other up to date digital equipment. Its no wonder that the world has lost touch with being human.

Affection” can be anything from a very simple personal note, sent tradtionally through “Royal Mail” right the way to extravagant gifts. Affection doesn’t have to cost a penny. A chat, a hug, a call to say you care.

As I grew up in the seventies, the pace of life was so much slower and most certainly much simpler. If you ran out of sugar, your neighbour would help you out. “Affection”. If a friend or neighbour was under the weather, you would call round. “Affection”. People would nod and say“Good morning, Good Afternoon or evening” whilst walking by. People would apologise if they bumped into you accidentally. “Affection”. The world isn’t like that today.

Today rather than “Affection” its “Aggression”. Having endured agression from every angle I appreciate the need and want for “Affection”. I understand there is a great lack of it in this ever increasing digital, demanding and brutal world. A world that has lost the ability to look after others and be simply kind and unselfish. A world full of terror and antagonistic humans.

Where has affection to fellows gone? It all starts from birth. Children learn what they live. So… Lets live with a little more “Affection” and then perhaps the world will catch on….

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