“Knowledge Verses Experience”

A pattern seems to be evolving in my writings where I debate issues on everyday subjects. I find “LIFE”, a rather bizarre thing. I understand that we are all individuals in our own right. We are all unique in everyway. What I find very hard to understand is why circumstances in peoples life’s are so vastly different.

Previous blogs that I have written have given a very brief window into my existence on this planet. I struggle continuously with day to day living, remembering that we only have today. Yesterday has gone and will never return, tomorrow no one knows so that only leaves me “TODAY”.  Within all my “today’s” I have experienced more than the average individual,  this leading me to never really being content with being “ME”.  This does not seem relevant at the moment to my title. It is just a bit of an insight to my thinking’s.

I work with very, very intelligent people, in a highly demanding environment, myself only delivering a very small part to a very skilful team. However like any working machine it needs all its cogs to work and function smoothly. I am also married to an extremely intelligent man (verging on insane) with the knowledge and intellect he has. We are polar a parts.  Most of the time we make a good team. I have a very intelligent brother and so were my parents. Having never concentrated at school, being told I would never achieve and ill health throughout. I lived in a world of love songs and soap operas. Since leaving school (quite a while ago now!!), life has given me more experiences than I wish to mention.

Experiences: I have enjoyed many experiences. at twenty one I left home and moved to where no one knew me. I lived independently, worked hard in various good jobs and had a wide circle of friends. I independently got on the property ladder. Through all this I met many people, different in professions, viewpoints and ways of living. I saw life in many jobs as I worked with and alongside many people in different areas and cultural backgrounds. This leading me to a knowledge of the world in its entirety, not just within my own boundaries.

I married with a delusion of being loved and cherished. This was not the reality, far, far from it. Reality being bullied in all areas and abused in the same way. I left with only a carrier bag of belongings. After that I took many wrong turns, but eventually turned it all around and life is not like that today. Today, and I can only talk about today, life is good.

Throughout all this I have loved and lost, I have had friendships drizzle away and been used. I am grateful for this as I have experience that can help others. I am knowledgeable on humans, their behaviours and characteristics. I can sympathise and empathise with people. I understand hardship that makes me love better and I understand love because I have known hatred. I can feel because I have been numb. I can live my life because I understand more than my own front door.

Knowledge: I do not have an awful lot of this on a theoretical basis. My husband does, my family do. I admire their knowledge, I even confess to being envious of this. But would I swap my experience that has given me knowledge of this mad world for the theory? I cannot answer that one…


2 thoughts on ““Knowledge Verses Experience”

  1. Gosh that came from your enormous heart. You have and always will have so much love to give and receive. Keep blogging, for me it’s quite therapeutic and I empathise with you , perhaps quite a number of years later than I should have. Xxx


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