“Dreams and Laughter”

I really do believe that “Dreams do come true”. Perhaps not how you imagine but if you search with your heart and follow it with faith then they appear . Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, but with patience they come true.

As a child I was privileged enough to be taken out for meals (I had a very generous father), As a result, I took more than a liking to Italian food. The richness of flavours, herbs. The strength of garlic, tomatoes and olives. The freshness, the aromas…. Need I say more!!!! I dreamt of going to Italy. Not far from the United Kingdom, I admit, not an extravagance but a personal dream. At the age of forty nine it came “true”. Being very blessed I am now on my third visit to this beautiful country.

Two wonderful flights over and a car waiting at the airport, we arrive once again. Butterflies of excitement in the bottom of my stomach, we drive to our destination. Tired we relax over Italian cuisine and rest for eight hours.

Our beautiful room has a large marbled balcony with sun loungers, table and chairs overlooking the sea. Idyllic, spacious and very private. “Dreams, wonderful things”. Now the laughter comes. Our first morning and it is raining, not just rain, but sheets of it!!! Well, you just have to laugh. We haven’t stopped. How important is it? Italian coffees, watching the rough sea hit rocks and smashing into mist. Rough and wild. Its a wonderful experience, a dream and alot of fun. Just what holidays are for.

Watch this space….

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