A bit of an adventure today… A drive alongside the Italian coast. The sea was rather rocky, the sky patchwork of blue, white and grey, the mountainous views going far beyond sight. We meet motorcycles of all sizes, push bikes the same and cars with more knowledge of the roads than us tourists!!!

Life is an adventure. You take a journey everyday. Even if it is a familiar journey, none will be the same. Each day is different, different goals, deadlines and different skylines, horizons and currents. Each day wherever we are, home or away is a new beginning. Every cloud, wave or scene that I saw today I will never see again in its entirity as it constantly changes. Change is inevitable, like the flow of the ocean, the passing of the clouds. We have a choice, embrace it for what it is and learn. Fight against it and struggle. The coastline is never the same from one moment to the next. Yet even at its roughest remains poignant, beautiful and amazing. The scenery around it changes constantly. Its natural and has all kinds of beauty. Do we in our day to day lives appreciate that people are like beautiful coastlines too…

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