“Personal Shortcoming”

I wonder how many people out there are aware of “Shortcomings” let alone “Personal Shortcomings”??? Its a maze to actually understand what they are, if you have them, actually admitting to them and then putting into action doing something about them. So…

What is a personal shortcoming?

A personal shortcoming is also known as a defect of character. There are many of these in every human. Just as there are many positive traits in every human. It can be anything from always being a few minutes late, being ill mannered, being selfish, being unkind, angry, abusive the list can be quite exhaustive. It is not about how many you have or what they are. Its about being aware that they are there.

Who has them?

Everyone has them. We are all human, its part of being human. No one likes to think they do. However it takes courage, strength and self searching to discover your own. People who are unable to see theirs, however see all the ones in others are Egocentric and surely that is a shortcoming in itself. No one in the entire world is perfect. The earth would be a very boring place if we were. Shortcomings are good as once tbey are recognised it gives us motivation to work on our personal development and journey.

Admitting to them…

This is the biggest step. As mentioned previously this takes courage, strength and alot of self searching. A rather in depth exercise to start with. However once completed using many or even a singular method it can be a short five minute exercise once a day. Take a personal inventry, it takes time and courage. Its an emotional journey. The list of these shortcomings is endless. However no one has them all. Hold them close and admit to yourself and someone else what they are. The biggest step of your journey has just been taken.


There are many actions that can be taken to ensure shortcomings remain at a distance and not at the fore front of our lives. Once we have recognised them and owned them we can make a consertive efforts to improve them. If they come to the fore front from time to time, as they will, as we are human then we do something about it promptly. If left to linger and fester they will surely multiply. At the end of each, take inventory, if any shortcoming have been apparent take an action of remedy if you are able, remembering that tomorrow is another day and can then be started afresh.

Acknowledge, accept, action.

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