“Quality Time”

“Quality Time” is a relatively new expression. It took to its prime in the 1970’s. The earliest record of the phrase was in print in Annapolis, Maryland (United States) Newspaper “The Capital” (January 1973) in an article entitled “How to be liberated” The phrase has multiplied in its use since then and often occurs in everyday modern language to the present.

To look at this popular phrase more closely it needs clarifying and defining. It requires clarity, depth and insight…

“Quality”  A distinctive attribute or characteristic possessed by someone or something. Therefore quality is not quantity. Two completely different words and meanings. It is a standard of varying degrees, from high to low and an awful lot between. However there are many opinions on this and everyone has their own “Quality”

“Time”  is the indefinite continued progress of existence.  Twenty Four hours a day,, one thousand, four hundred and fourty minutes, eighty six thousand, four hundred seconds, that is all we are granted. It can continue and progress but no one knows. Everyone uses this “Time” in thier own way.

Marry the two words together and you have “Quality Time”.  Quality is a characteritic  and Time is precious. A precious characteristic. Quality time is something you can give at no cost, yet you can recieve so much back. Time is something you can not ever get back.

I have wasted alot of time, even years of my life. If I were a bank account it would be red all over!!! However I was lucky enough and had enough courage, determination and energy to change all that. Today I appreciate both “Quality” and “Time” and as I am grateful for this transformation I make sure that everyday I use the term “Quality Time” in all my  hours, minutes and seconds. I make time for people I love, I make time for friends and people who need help that are less fortunate than me. It is free and more valuable than gold. The rewards are endless and it enables me to live a very real and a very good quality life. The years I wasted are not a negative issue anymore as thay have enhanced my life and make me realise the good from the bad and the beauty from the ugly. They have given me strength, determination and a view on life outside the box and into the very real world. Therefore I am able to give “Quality Time” to people who appreciate this and make my world a better place to live in. It costs nothing and comes straight from the heart. Priceless!!!



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