“The Good Times”

The mystery of life remains, what it is “A Mystery”.  We never know what is going to happen next. We can plan, we have to plan. We can make short, medium and long-term goals. However we never really know what life has in store…

As we follow our journey through this unexpecting world we gather together our own little book. Slowly we add to the book. Pictures, memories, moments, good times and not so good times. We put one foot in front of the other, steps making miles, miles becoming acres and so forth, we travel our own path. Throughout this time we can choose to let go of things or hold things close to us and try not to let them go. We can also loose our way and perhaps forget about all those wonderful, exciting times that we never wanted to end. Times when we had no dark patches, no worries, no day to day timetables and deadlines. Oh, we thought they would never end… “Those Good Times”.

Sadly as our journeys take us, we sometimes, stumble, trip, fall and hurt. We meet mountains, boulders and hurdles. Life happens. However we keep taking each step as it happens and get what they call “Experience”.  The more experience we get on our journey does give us strength, however it sometimes stops us remembering “The Good Times”…

Alot of “Life” has happened to me. That’s not a bad thing I am able to turn most negatives into positives these days. Last night however I was reminded of “The Good Times”.  My husband and I decided to visit my brothers local in a spontaneous decision, hoping he would be there to surprise him… He was!!!  He was also surprised and delighted to see us both.  What an evening it turned out to be. We laughed as we remembered “The Good Times”, the carefree times, the times that have made us into the people we are today. Many years ago, those times, but as we all chatted it was as if they were only yesterday. Quality time, bonding time and very special time.

One spontaneous decision has renewed my bonds with a very special man, my brother. It has opened up a new chapter in my life. It has made me remember all “The Good Times”, refreshed them and made me realise the person that I once was isn’t perhaps lost forever. I spent the evening with the two men in my life that love me unconditionally with no boundaries. Two men that also gel together, two men who can laugh, make me laugh and make this world a better place.

We must never forget “The Good Times” if we do we can easily lose bonds that should never, ever be broken. Life is far too short.

“Come on… Celebrate the good times, Come on” I think that was “Cool and The Gang” or words to that effect!!!

Hers’s to my brother for just being him and giving me those “Good Times” to put in my memories along the way. The memories close to my heart!!!


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