Revise,Renew and Refresh

There are times in life when things happen, you don’t know why they do. However if you are patient,you realise eventually why.

We all have a Pandora box. Inside this box are memories, treasures, secrets and should haves!!! Open it up if you dare. Yes, go on, it’s frightening but a little bit of fear is good for you. Playing it a bit risky once in a while does you good. Open it, go on see what you find…

My Pandora box was full once so I took the dare, delved in and found all the above. It took time and patience and a lot of guidance and love to sort it out. I kept all the precious things. The good memories, I even saved some not so good ones and some of the “should haves” as you should never throw good lessons away. A good lesson is of course great knowledge that can help you in the future. Knowledge without experience is of course just an academic exercise.

I have recently decided that it is time to open my box again. Every box needs sorting out from time to time. I haven’t found dust, no not dust I have found a beautiful brightly coloured safety net. It is absolutely wonderful. It has saved me from continuing to fill up my box and it all flowing over and making a mess.

As I was in my box being saved, I realised that as it was getting full I must sort it out. That was when I found the debris. So out with what I do not need, simple. What about what I want. This takes a little longer. It takes courage and effort. It’s a risk. Is what I want good for me, or is it toxic, does it do me harm, does it take too much room up in my box? Only I know the answers to that. As everybody only knows the answers to theirs.

Every once in a while it does us good to revise, renew and refresh our lives. Unless we are far to comfortable. If that is the case there is no room. No room for anyone in our lives except ourselves and our own selfish ways.

Having now tidied up my box. Filed everything correctly and reviewed situations I have room. Room to let go and breathe. Room to be me. Room for people who want me and love me. Room for my safety net.

Welcome, welcome come on in, however you need to pass through the security of my safety net. No passwords required. No web, no payments just a bit of kindness, love and respect. Therefore not many people will be in the box. Only a chosen few who possess the things you cannot buy.

What do you find in yours…

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