Gratitude and Awareness

Last night my husband and I were privileged enough to be invited to a meal at our very good friends. As always it was exceptionally good, interesting and stimulating company. Not only was the the meal superb always but, the conversation was food for thought too.

We live today in a very selfish, conseated and ignorant society. Dog eat dog and everyone out for themselves in their own comfort zone with no care for anyone else. It makes me very sad that this is where Great Britain is at today. What happened to be “Great”.

I suppose it’s how you personally see the word. I see great as being, loving, compassionate, understanding, giving and supportive. Not many do in this country today.

What happened to neighbours. Call round for a cup of tea and a chat. Run out of sugar here’s a cup. Going to see people when you know life is not good for them, or even calling spontaneously when you’re in the area just to say hello. What about being really grateful for what you have and knowing that there are people out there a lot less fortunate than you. Not because they choose to opt out, their circumstances are as such that they don’t have a comfortable bed and home.

People say “its there own fault they can’t manage money”. Easy to say when you have a comfortable life. I remember being discharged from hospital and only having my parents to go to. I had one bag of belongings. No home of my own, very few friends and no money to my name. It hurt, it hurt a lot. Was this my fault? I don’t like to think so. Life had given me what I see now as an understanding. I needed help eventually with rent and other things. I had to shop at charity shops to furnish my accommodation and clothe myself. Could I manage money, of course. I had been brought up to do this. However, circumstances had led me to this. I was lucky, I always had a roof over my head thanks to the wonderful NHS and my parents.

How can there be a “GREAT” in Britain when people criticize and condemn people less fortunate than themselves.

I work with people who are so materialistic they cannot and refuse to see beyond the security and warmth of their own front door. Designer this and that. Beautiful. Hmmmm, they don’t even give their old clothes to charity shops. Where would I be without charity shops…

My life is not like that today, partly because I was fortunate enough for my parents taking me in and eventually marrying a man whom I love dearly, but is rather wealthy. However I am truly grateful for everything, absolutely everything. Never a day goes by when I don’t think about that lonely, lost 40 year old with only one bag of possessions and a pair of shoes with a hole in the sole!!!

Let’s bring “GREAT”back into Britain, with compassion, warmth and love for everyone. Understanding and genourosity for people with only a bag of belongings through no fault of their own. Let us lend a up of sugar and bring back community life. Let us realise there is life beyond our homes. Open your eyes and see, feel, love and have compassion. Is that too much to ask, yes for some I have to say it is. I ask you though, who are the sad ones here….

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