Standing Back… Breathe…

Quite a strange title. Mmm… my blogs have recently been neglected. I have had no ambition, need or inspiration to write.

Why do we loose interest in ourselves, our hobbies, our insights and our general day to day being? Is this a true fact for everyone or just myself.

It has to be said that for most folks out there ups and downs are common. I mean a great influencer of mine says “You couldn’t have a rainbow, without a little rain” (Dolly Parton). Now there’s a wonderful woman. She has known tragedy, come from a family of fifteen children and lived in a one roomed house. Moved away at 14 years old, could bearly read or write and married the man she asked the way as she got off the bus from leaving home. She openly admits to times of trial. She admits to complete brokenness but she is one of the most successful woman on this living earth today. She is not successful for her riches, of which she has many. She is successful because she has trod storms and wind. She appreciates everything she has in life except money. She appreciates love, faith, people, children, hard work, companionship, friendship, marriage and most of all people less fortunate than herself. That is why she is the beautiful person anyone could have as a role model. She has it all the right way round. Why, well as I mentioned she knows and understands from every angle.

I like to think that I have the afore mentioned qualities. I understand most folk and I do care, too damn much. Lovely you may think, mmm, I really don’t know. When you care, you hurt and hurting badly can take a lot of healing. So sometimes you just have to “Stand back… breathe”

With patience and time, things can heal, but you need a solid fix to work again properly, not an elasterplast that only heals surface wounds. You need to examine situations and emotions from all perspectives and then let love do the rest. You cannot buy love. If it’s true love it will find a way.

Just breathe… … Get things into perspective.. And pray… You soon find yourself again.

With love,

Bear Necessities


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