A circle has no beginning and no end. It never comes to a stop. The universe is full of circles… The earth is round, this has been proven and although they look like stars the planet’s are round too. Life they say is a cycle, which of course goes round and round. I don’t even believe life ends, you just move to another cycle. I still feel my strong Dads arms around me, guiding and loving me today.

Circles have energy, we wear wedding rings, circles, to strengthen and show our love to one another. We make “OK” signs by putting our thumb and index finger together to make a circle. Wheels are circles that move us physically from one place to another. Circles absolutely everywhere!!!

As mentioned before, life is a cycle. When we are born we are totally dependant on our parents. Dependant for warmth, food and love. We need these basic things to thrive and develop. This doesn’t change throughout life. We gradually become independent, or at least we should under “normal” conditions. Then as we mature our dependency increases again. Circles, cycles it’s all about life.

Now let’s look at life metaphorically speaking. People say “What comes around, goes around.” Circles again!!! I find this fact to be true. Without bad we wouldn’t know good, without sadness we wouldn’t appreciate happiness. Without uneasy times we wouldn’t understand easy times. Without being poor we wouldn’t empathise with people less fortunate than ourselves. All the above have happened in my life. However my life has done a full circle so I not only, understand, empathise and feel for people. I appreciate what my life is about today as I have done a full circle. This, therefore makes me grateful. Are you? Or is your life a square box that you only look inside when you want something and there it is nicely wrapped up for you.

Square boxes can become damp. Damp boxes people throw away and they end up as mush on a rubbish dump.

God created the earth round, so we can wrap our arms around it and love it and everyone in it. When we visit people we go round to see them. When we call people, we give them a ring. Most of all though love is round, true love is, as it has no beginning and no end. A circle for everyone to love. Not a thrown out square.

Live you life as it was meant to be, spread your arms out, capture the goodness, appreciate it, if you can, hold on tight and spread it around. You never know you may well find other beautiful, truly beautiful people out there to include you, for you, and not a box full of things.

Circles, no beginning, no end…. Life is a circle…

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