Turkey, Tinsel and Tears

Well hello there, no blogs for a while. Too many tears, hence the title!!!

I have been on annual leave for a week. As I have walked, ran, travelled and even swam, everywhere I have been, it has overloaded me with this “special” thing called “Christmas”. We are not even in December yet!!!

Carol singers come knocking at the door that don’t even know the words. Collections everywhere for charities I have never heard of. Pre season sales. I mean, pre (before) season (I was under the impression Christmas was one day!!)

Christmas spells (Christ, meaning Jesus and mass meaning celebration). Surely not this commercial, greedy, selfish season we go through year in and out.

We give gifts to people we love. No not at Christmas we give gifts to everyone, colleagues at work, her round the corner that we chat to twice a year, you know her at number 11 round the corner what’s her name?!!! Cards we write thousands of them to people we don’t see or even like. I could go on and on and on.

Christmas is a time for giving, yes. However we should give because we love, we should give with heart, we should give to celebrate the birth of Christ.

Can anyone then out there tell me why atheists, heathens and humanists give, celebrate or even holiday at this time. They have nothing to celebrate…!!!

Why then all the tinsel?? One percent or even less of the population in this country do not believe in the true meaning. Surely we should carry on as normal and let the Christians celebrate. They would give love, faith, patience and kindness. They would give a poor man a meal, a lonely Christian a home if they were on their own that day. They would give warmth to someone who is cold, and a tissue to someone who is sad or ill. They would this as this is what the bible says.

I feel strongly that the people who spend on the latest gadgets, wines and luxurious foods do NOT think of what it is really about.

This year as I always do as I am not at work like I was last year, treating poorly children, I shall go to church and celebrate the real meaning. I shall give food and shelter to people less fortunate than me and I shall give love from the heart. Real love. Now there’s another subject!!! I shall not give to atheists, heathens or humanists. They have nothing to celebrate.

Go buy your goods, your gifts, your food and wine… I do wish you a wonderful time in your break away from work. Because that what it is with tinsel and it causes too many tears.

Christmas is a celebration of the birth of a baby boy and you can’t beat that, and you know he didn’t cost a penny.

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