As life progresses we tend to gradually change the way we do things. We should embrace change and accept it as part of our on going progress. Acceptance of change makes life easier,especially at difficult times.

Throughout each year we celebrate many things. We celebrate the start of each new year. Parties galore, we await midnight and hope generally next year will be better, more prosperous, more exciting and engaging. Fireworks are let lose in a hope each bang will blow things away. The brightness of them will bring colour and light in our lives. So we celebrate.

We celebrate love on Valentine’s day, we celebrate the rising of Jesus at eastertime as the year goes on so do the celebrations we believe in.

It’s usually a pleasurable experience celebration so we should make the most of them.

Celebrations usually go along with the gatherings of friends. Something you can’t beat true friendship. You can choose friends, and true friends are more valuable than gold itself.

I have two very personal celebrations in December and they are both close together. I tend to celebrate them both in one. This year one of my anniversaries nearly didn’t come about. However through the grace of God it has. I celebrated holding a dinner party for myself my husband and three people who are more than friends. Six courses of all home cooked food, good music and a heck of a lot of laughter. A lot of love was shared too. Celebrating in style with your chosen few, well, it doesn’t come much better than that. Friendships deepen and become closer. Therefore life becomes richer and the whole world seems a better place.

Let’s celebrate true, real and deep friendship everyday, not when occasions happen once a year.

Here’s to personal goals achieved and true friendship. You can’t get better reasons to make a celebration.

If you’re going to celebrate… Do it in style… I do, with stylish people!!!

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