As we walk through our lives, we sometimes reflect. We reflect on the past. Why? It’s gone. We reflect on how and why we did things. Reflecting in this way can be useful. It can teach us our mistakes and then perhaps next time we do it differently. That is very positive. Reflecting can also do damage, it’s all about balance.

I reflect. Why? Because I want to learn. I reflect many times a day sometimes. It gives us strength and knowledge. It gives us time to stop, think, ponder. It lets us see things how they really are.

If you go to a still deep lake on a sunny day and stand by the edge you will see a reflection of a physical you!!! That is it. If you look in a mirror ( I don’t tend to do this), you will see the same, a reflection of the physical you.

True reflections go deeper than that. Inside of you is a person. People cannot see that, they can only see the physical you and not the reflections from your heart and soul. Although unseen by the human eye they do reflect. They reflect more than any pretty face in the mirror.

So next time you are by a lake or in front of a mirror ask yourself if it is your true reflection.

Next time you reflect on people places and things, ask yourself how you reflected there.

If you take a walk next to a lake and are lucky enough to see two swans talking. Look at there reflection. True love in its entirety.

It’s always what’s on the inside that has the biggest reflection.

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