Winter Blues

The nights are long, they are dark. It’s cold outside, you see your breath in the air. Light snow under your feet, ice on window sills and cars all frosty.

Yes it’s winter. Oh it’s winter!!!

However without winter we would not have spring. The lighter nights, the daffodils, the tulips, the crocus, or the snowdrops. Without spring we would not have summer. The long days, the beaches, the walks, the holidays, the long nights in the garden, the sun and blue skies. Without summer we would not have the beautiful colours of Autumn, the bonfires and hot chocolate, the sparks and fireworks. It goes on, year in, year out. It’s beautiful… like life.

If we do not appreciate each year, each month, each day, each hour, each minute, each second then how do we survive.

Each low in our lives is meant to be, each high in our life is meant to be. Without each emotion we would not appreciate the other. Life is hard, like the seasons. Each path we cross, sail, or fly is meant to be.

Without the winter we would have no summer. Hold on to each day. Grasp the love, grasp the despair, they are there for a reason. Those reasons turn into lessons. Just like winter blues turn into spring flowers followed by the summer.

Life, live it whatever happens. Do not give up. The snowdrops don’t through hard frosts. And when they bloom, they bloom. X

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