Change is inevitable. It happens every midnight. The day changes it’s name. It happens every quarter when we are blessed with the changing of seasons. People make life changing decisions at the change of the year, that don’t usually last very long. However they have tried and put in the effort.

Change is part of this powerful yet vulnerable world we live in. However how we as individual people deal with this is up to us.

We can choose to fight it. That’s fine, however that takes up physical and emotional energy. It races our brain and causes disturbance. If you get the result you want, then you have to ask yourself if it was worth it.

We can embrace change. Acceptance is a wonderful thing. The serenity prayer explains it well. (Look it up, it does not have to be a religious thing). Accepting what we cannot change encourages us to deal with difficult times. Embracing change is hard if it’s a thing you don’t want, if you embrace it you hug it and then that helps take away the unease of it.

We can choose change. We choose to love people. We choose our friends. We choose our careers and we choose our directions wherever possible. We do have choices. It takes courage, courage comes from the heart and so does love.

I have had to make a decision this week that will cause a change in my life. This has been probably one of the hardest decisions that I have made. I made a list of pros and cons. I like lists!!! It’s hard to accept my decision but I know deep in my heart to have peace and stay well I have made the right one, for me.

Change takes courage, courage comes from the heart, the heart is filled with love. Change, courage and love a good interactive triangle. Wrap it in a hug, and breathe ahhhhh…

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