When we are born, if we are fortunate we will have two eyes and be able to see through them both. I say this as some babies cannot. However the babies who grow up not being able to see, will probably be able to see more than most!!!!

Confused. Good!!! Vision isn’t about what we can see physically. It’s about knowing and understanding. It’s about having on open mind. Being able to see the world. By this I don’t mean going on luxurious holidays. I mean really seeing the world.

It’s about accepting people for who they are. Not their position or bank balance. It’s about acquiring knowledge on people before judging. It’s about opening our minds, hearts and souls to people.

Tunnelled vision is so very negative, I know people with pin holed vision. Those people make me so grateful that my life has led me the way it has, with knowing many people, rich, poor and inbetween. I am so grateful I see the world fully, even though I can only see through one eye.

I urge people to get out of their tunnells, there pin holes, there luxury and examine the world and all the beautiful people in it. They may be surprised, some of the most beautiful people I know don’t have a lot. Through no fault of their own. They can manage money, circumstances mean they haven’t got a lot, but they are genuine. They have guts, they have personality, they have depth.

Vision, not what you see, you see more with your heart.

I am so glad I have real vision.

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