“Speck of Dust”

One day I sat in the middle of a city centre, waiting for my husband. I was alone on the bench. Hundreds and hundreds of people passed me by, going about their own business. Although most of them were in some sort of communication with other human beings, I could not hear a word. They moved fast and furiously with only their next task in mind. Unaware of the surroundings and totally oblivious to other humans doing exactly the same thing. If I had been sat on a motorway, there would of been a multiple pile up, deaths even. No one was aware of others and certainly no apologies when human collision occurred.

The noise was a loud blurry noise in the short distance, in the background you could hear buses, trains and cars. Horns beeping and tyres skidding. Pelican crossings letting the hurried people know when to cross, if they hadn’t done so already!!! There were policemen and women walking two by two, with trunctions attached to their person. Communicating through modern day walkie talkies. Dogs on leads, taking their owners out for a walk!! Homeless people wrapped up in doorways trying to rest and take their minds to somewhere more pleasant. Praying someone would notice them and take them to a safe place, of warmth and some nourishment.

I sat there alone…

I sat there in wonder…

I sat there and zoned out. I took myself way above all this activity and looked down, down, down. The noise had gone, the businesses quitenend. All I could see was myself sat upon a bench amongst a vast quantity of people, I was just a mere speck of dust, and so too was everyone else.

So in this life, we are a miniscule, a speck of dust on the planet earth. We take up the tiniest space in the universe. So why then, do people busy themselves so much that they miss creation in itself. Why are people so egocentric and think of themselves as the world, not part of it. We are all a mere speck of dust. Why then do people disrespect others, who are they to do that? What happened to slowing down and seeing other people, not just ourselves? Everyone has their own story, isn’t it about time, we stopped and listened. We would then surely make this planet a lot cleaner. We wouldn’t be specks of dust, we would be pure love. There’s nothing cleaner than that. 💖💖

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