Following on from my last blog, entitled “Speck of Dust”, I have received verbal feedback that some don’t like being referred to as this. It was never meant to offend in anyway. It was a perspective as I saw each individual in relation to the world and the vast never ending universe.

Let us move on…

A speck of dust (my terminology only!!!) we may be. However you describe yourself in this way, we must remember our uniqueness. There is no one, no one exactly like you. Not even if you are a product of a multiple birth. There is no other individual with your eyes, ears, nose, mouth or any of your physical attributes. Just as there is no one with your personality, your sense of humour, your mannerisms, your walk, talk or taste. We are all individual in our own way. The world would be a very dull, dreary and boring place if we weren’t.

Accepting ones self and their own uniqueness however is a different story. It is easy for some, others struggle and for others life gets in the way and changes their uniqueness. Acceptance is the key.

I believe that every human being was put on this earth for a reason. We don’t know what that is all the time, well at least I don’t!!! However there is a reason for us all. That is what makes us individual and unique. That is what makes us, us!!! With our own selves it is up to us what we do while we are on this earth. That’s our choice. We can make this world a better place in small ways. Opening a door for a stranger, or we could go further to the extreme of politics.

Whatever we do, we make our unique part and contribution, in what we choose. Why, because we were born for a reason. So a speck of dust we may be, but what we do as one is unique. Dust scratches surfaces and leaves a mark. What individual mark do you make as a speck of dust on this world?!!! There is only one you!!!!

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