Why do we say “Wait?”

“Wait a minute” “Wait until tomorrow ” “Wait until this or that happens” Is this word always used correctly? Do we request people to wait because it is more convnient to us? Do others do the same to us? We use this word for safety at road junctions, level crossings and pelican crossings. However it is not always observed, then not waiting is a danger to others and ourselves. We go to a bus stop and railway stations to wait for transport. All these things are types of waiting.

How do we go about waiting. Do we angrily get agitated, thus it affecting our physical and emotional well being. Or do we sit back, relax and accept the situation as it is? We could find things to do while we wait. This has a lot to do with how our bodies are made up. As I often say we are all very different, and quite rightly so.

Waiting tests our patience, and patience is a gift that not many of us have today. We live in an instant society. Instant coffee, instant food, click a button and you get information instantly. Therefore we are conditioned not to wait, not to take our time and then we miss out on so much.

Whilst waiting we could observe the environment around us, study people so we are more aware of the world and it’s secular societies, therefore helping us to learn there is more to this planet than our own house and gardens.

I find myself waiting at this moment in time

Waiting for a dream at my fingertips, something I have waited for, for a very long time. It keeps being postponed for various reasons, I know it will happen, but when in the next couple of months I don’t know. It is testing my patience, but all I can do is wait, there is no other option. However I do know after I have waited the wait will be worth it.

So waiting is in our lives for a reason. For safety, for observation if we choose to learn about the world and to encourage us to be patient. Those who cannot wait cannot have patience. Patience is something we cannot buy, it is something we acquire after we have waited. I would rather wait and have patience than have an instant life, as patience is a quality, and I have a good quality life.

Learn to wait, observe, learn to live, learn about the world and be patient. Then you may get peace.

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