Judgement is something we are all guilty of. We may not admit to this. No, of course we don’t, we wouldn’t want to seem to be so, well… “judgemental.” However how honest are people really. Not very.

Who understands outside there own front door? Who passes a homeless person on the street and ignores them? Who gives prisoners a second chance? Who understands the mentally ill? Who empathises with the lonely and holds their hand for five minutes to relieve their desperation and pain? Who is strong enough to open up and see people on the inside, not their glossy outer coating, neatly wrapped in a shiny colour? Sadly, not many today.

Why does it come so natural to the human race today to judge. Everyone has a story. A story of life. To judge someone because they do not live like you, behave like you, sound, dress or speak like you is nothing but narrow minded, ignorant and self obsessed. Sadly in today’s society it is far to common, and usually acted out by people who refuse to be common!!!

Life unfortunately is not fair. People assume the homeless are homeless because they are drop outs. I am no drop out but have been homeless. Circumstances took me there. My life journey took me there. I am very grateful it did. I have a wider knowledge and understanding of the world now, I am grateful now. People who judge and condisend are not grateful.

To judge is so very easy. Not to see from beyond your own perimeters again, is easy. To do the opposite of this takes courage and depth. To sit with someone whose life has been so different from your own and listen and have the sensitivity to understand and give your time freely is an honour and a privledge.  It gives you depth and direction. It takes you to places that otherwise you wouldn’t know. We live in a world that turns and yet people refuse to turn and see the complete world, understand their fellow humans and know that everyone has a story. It’s so much easier to stay safe and judge. It must be so boring.

Life is about embracing, loving and understanding. Observing and knowing that behind every cover a story unfolds. If we as humans judge then we are missing out on living. We are missing out on journeys of insight , compassion and the knowledge that we could learn so much from. A knowledge that would make us better people.

It’s so very sad that love, real love is rare to find nowadays, because people are too busy judging through their beautiful designer, frosted glass.

Please start living and stop judging. It could be such a beautiful world if people would use clear glass with opening lights so they could see, hear and open up to such a wonderful world full of journeys.

Stop judging, start living. Give a little, and you get so much back.

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