” Everywhere the sun is shining,

All around the world is shining,

But cold winds blow, across your mind,

Confusion, such a terrible shame”


Powerful lyrics from a great, great band.

Powerful, because they are so very true for most people out there if they were truly honest with themselves. Most people though find it very hard to be honest with themselves.

To look at most folk today, it would appear that the sun is shining. Good jobs, fast cars, designer clothes and holidays they must go on.

Then look further a field. All around the sun is shining. People sat outside pubs, wine bars, cafes and restaurants on hot summer days. Laughter fills the air as friends gather together and enjoy each other’s company. It’s wonderful to see and hear.

Then cold winds blow across your mind and confusion sets in.

Confusion, such a terrible shame…

Today people get confused because it is advertised to us everywhere we go, that life is good, life is carefree, that life is easy going. This advertisement clings to our souls and we want more and more of what is shown to us on various advertising platforms. Pressure sets in and this is followed by the confusion.

Life must of been simpler years ago. People didn’t have so much, therefore didn’t want so much so got less confused.

My grandparents on my mother’s side didn’t even own their own home. Grandad worked very hard as a plumber, grew his own fruit and veg and caught rabbit and fish to eat. My grandmother stayed at home, kept house and looked after my beautiful mum whilst she was growing up. They didn’t have two half pennies to rub together. But, they wanted nothing and were certainly not confused.

The world generates a confused society, encouraging people to want lavish things. Are these lavish such luxuries worth our minds and our physical health. Surely they are a temporary fixes. Temporary fixes don’t mend confusion.

Confusion such a terrible thing. So, turn the coin over and kiss it.

K.I.S.S. = “Keep It Simple Stupid.” Hard to do in this millennium. However it can be done, and a kiss is much better than confusion. Trust me, I know.

The most powerful organ in the body is the brain. It send messages to all the other organs. Yet when it goes wrong (confused), people criticise, condemn and undermine, until of course it happens to them.

Remember K.I.S.S. and leave the complicated world to get on with it. I like kissing.

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