As I view the the deep black dark, clouds above. I see the strong wild sea underneath. The wind blows wild through the promenade trees. Waves come crashing all around. The storm approaches with no fear, it comes a rushing, rushing through. It does not distinguish the damage it causes, it does not hesitate for a second. The sea it roars in and out, white horses melt away as new ones are made in duplicate. Although it’s black and grey, who, oh who could make this day, so beautiful.

Storms are beautiful if only we look deeper. If only our naked eyes could see. Observe the sound, the vibrations, their determination, their force. The rush, the strength, the power. Then slowly but surely it calms. Blue skies appear, the waves settle, and the sun shines. All is calm, silent and still.

We all have storms, and metorphprically speaking they are as described as above. Life gives us storms so we can see calm. Life gives us storms so we can see gratitude for what we have. Life gives us storms so we can sort out debris from good. Life gives us storms to appreciate the light, the clear and the fresh.

Storms, yes storms are good. They are good if thought about correctly, used correctly and seen correctly.

Mother nature calms the natural storms. She’s a wonderful women. Humans are not like that. They battle the storms and then when all is calm, either forget them or blame them on other people. Humans do not believe in looking deeper into themselves and seeing their part. That is why when mother nature nature knows what she has done she make it bright and beautiful. Humans just blame, to make themselves feel better. So the storm never really ceaeses it waits and waits and then blows again. Harder and stronger.

We all have storms, look into yourself, if you are brave enough and see your part. When the storm passes you may be more beautiful.

But if you are unable, then sooner or later your storms will all come at once, and beauty will be nowhere to be found.

Use your storms as mother nature does…

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