Pre – Christmas

As the festive season approaches there is always an atmosphere of joy, happiness, excitement and magic. You see children anxiously waiting to see “Father Christmas” to tell him what they want. Walking down any high street music is playing, bells are jiggling and lights are flashing. People exchanging money for goods, and discount sales persuade them to spend more. Carol singers holding sheets of music in gloved hands. Tis the time to be jolly…

Ahh yes, it’s here once more. We celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. God’s son. The man who died to save us.

Yet we don’t. It is not the season of good will. It is the season of selfishness, greed, bargaining and hurt. Everyone wants their own way, take, take, take, instead of give, give, give.

The high street tills jingle with joy. Online shops almost blow the world wide web. The country in economic decline, people in debt and yet it continues, spending until you can’t spend anymore.

Why do people do this…

Christmas is a time of giving. Giving to show we care. Perhaps Christmas would be a better time if people gave things that cannot be bought on black Friday. Things that are not on the High Street, and things that don’t come with a big red bow. After all the poor shepard gave a lamb.

What????!!!! Give things that don’t cost.

Yes, things that don’t cost…

Give a smile to a lonely stranger, give a person on their own a place at your table, give love to your family and friends, give thanks to your family and friends the list is endless. Give time, yes time (not a clock) time, your valuable time to your family and friends, it’s the most precious gift of all. With time comes love. Love, pure love. If you can’t give time, give nothing because time is everything that means you really do care.

The high street will remain busy, people will do their own thing and yet all people really want is time and love.

Let it begin…

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