Not Forgotten…

The preparations are well underway for probably the busiest, most expensive and elaborate time of year. People dashing, rushing, complaining and organising for one day!!! Everyone partying, celebrating, eating and drinking, having fun.

Walk along the high street, hear the bells, the carols, the jiggling of tills, and pings as people’s bank cards are accepted. Lights up high, flashing, trees decorated, red, gold and silver. Children waiting to see Father Christmas excitedly, knowing their dreams will come true. The fun of the fantasy is real for them and pure joy for parents and grandparents alike. It’s magical, it’s warming, it’s Christmas!!!

Families (most families), gather together, eat together and celebrate. If not for the birth of Christ, but celebrate being a family and together, friends invited round for games and fun. Yes, it’s Christmas!!!

However, Christmas is always a time to remember. To remember the people who are gone, yet still in hearts, and remain in our hearts. To remember those people who made Christmas for us, all the above and more, so we can carry on this festive season in the same way. A time to remember when our dreams came true and those people who made it so. A time to remember and reflect. Do we do the same for people as they did for us. Do we remember people on their own, lonely and isolated. Do we remember the people who have no warm home and don’t wake up with gifts to unwrap. Do we remember the old people, who were once there for us?

Heavy questions? But thought provoking. What do we remember, ourselves. Yet surely the best gift is to remember, to think, to include and to love. Then and only then do we have memories.

Let people know they are not forgotten, wether they are in this world or in a much better place…

May this season of good will, be just that…

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