The Telephone

The telephone was first invented before Alexander Graham Bell, introduced it in 1876. Not a lot is known about it before then. However, Bell takes most of the credit for this communication device.

Over the years the telephone has taken many changes physically as well as it’s general functions. I can only talk of the transformations and the uses of the phone that has developed within my years and the information handed down to me from generations before.

I presume the telephone was invented originally as a means of making communication between one person and another easier when they could not talk face to face. It would of been considered a luxury and only used by the more elite in its early days. Originally you could only contact another person through the operator, whom would connect. This knowledge I only have third hand!!

Moving on a few decades, you could contact people in your own area directly. However, if you wanted long distance as it were then, another county in your country you had to use the operator. As time travelled further local codes were added and you were able to get straight through.

In the 1950’s and early 1960’s the home telephone was increasing in popularity, but, again it was mainly business people and those who had more comfortable finances. Things were moving forward though.

I have never known life without some sort of telephone communication device. As a very young child we had a phone on what was called a party line. Therefore our neighbours accross the road used the same line, so, we could not use the phone if they were using theirs and vice versa. I don’t know if my parents would have had a phone if my father had not needed one for business. They were, even then considered a luxury.

Moving on another decade and most people had a landline. It was usually answered using the telephone number rather than using your personal identity. No party lines. You had to pay to become ex directory and you certainly didn’t know whom was on the other end wanting to talk. If you didn’t have a phone and wanted to talk to someone there were telephone boxes. Originally worked by inserting coins upon the answer. Now very few exist and you can only use a card.

Into the 1980’s, technology getting more advanced the mobile phone came about and proved popular with young, upwardly, professional, people. Known as “yuppies!!!” These devices were again as the original ones for the more business and financially astute. However they were popular and on the increase. Again used as a means of communication between two people on the move. Very expensive to run. Proving popular and increasing in sales. We gradually ventured forward to the age of the mobile…

People of all walks of life were able to have them. There were contract ones, pay as you go ones to say the least. Companies supplying these new toys were competitive and more than willing to sell, sell, sell. Everyone had one, the addiction was in full swing, young teenagers to elderly folk alike. Red, blue, green, yellow, sky blue pink with a yellow boarder if you wanted!!!

Just when you think it can’t go any further, the new age ones are upon us. Now a phone that is used purely for a two way communication purpose does mot exist. A phone is an internet searcher, a means of shopping, a heart monitor, a blood saturation monitor, a step monitor, a gossip machine, a diary, a weather vane and a news channel. This list is endless. You can’t go out without one. It’s a fashion accessory, it’s actually anything you want it to be, anything.

A question we must ask is, and a very important one is: Could we exist today without one? I ask you humbly to answer this honestly.

Something that started off as a way of simply having a two way conversation has taken over and actually does the exact opposite. It hinders the human race, isolates and deters relationships from being meaningful if used to the extent it can be used.

Food for thought and pause to ponder. Is the use of our high tech developments detrimental to our roles as loving, caring human beings?

How do you communicate…

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