Today we live in a world of solitude. A world of a web that perhaps takes us away from what really matters. At the click of a button we can communicate with a virtual world. Time spent with others can be distracted as we chase emails, catch the latest information from our online associates, share a joke with a world of people we have never met.

All of this I am told is a useful tool!!! I agree, it is. However we have to ask ourselves, has this world wide web taken away what really matters?

What tools do we need to survive in the actual world?


We need hydration, food, warmth, and shelter.


We need love, friendship and fellowship.


We need contact with other people, whether it be professionally or leisurely.


We need to stimulate our brains.

These are very basic definitions. Toned down to the minimum. Basic needs. However in the last few decades these needs have been put on the back burner. People appear to “need…” Fast, smart cars, bigger houses, latest gadgets, top jobs, dual incomes, labels, holiday homes, upgrades on everything. These ego boosting extras come with a price. Love less, have more!!!

Harsh words. True words. We live in a world of screens!! A world where anyone can be anything, anything at all, but, kind!!! People walk past the hungry, walk past the sad, they walk past the lost and lonely, too busy to notice, too wrapped up in their own worlds. When no one knows what tomorrow will bring. Tomorrow they may be lost, lonely or sad. People may walk past them…

Robin Williams once said “In a world where you can be anything, be kind”

Kindness doesn’t have to mean giving away your possessions, money or latest gadgets. It means empathy, sympathy, love and understanding. It means giving time, friendship and showing gratitude. If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours. If you see a friend with a lemon help them make it into lemonade. If you see someone lost guide them till they know their way. Step out of the comfort zone and be kind.

You never know, you may want someone to be kind one day… Be kind – Always…

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