The dictionary tells us , Identity is:

“Who a person is, or, the qualities of a person or group that makes them different from others”

This seems simple. However doesn’t identity go much farther than that. Arn’t we all a number? A national insurance number, a passport number, a registration number, a payroll number or a number in a queue!!! Do these numbers identify us?

Our own identity could also be our postcode. Where we live can define us… It can also be where we were educated… Where we work and our positions in that area… The list is endless.

I have travelled through many roads in my life. If people were to identify me through the paths I have crossed then my identity to the public would vary greatly. However I have always had the same National Insurance Number!!

Identity means our wholeness. Who we are. None of the above apply for what really matters in life. To identify someone you must surely know them from the top of their heads to the tips of their toes and right to the middle of their hearts. That’s surely how you identify a friend, a family member or acquaintance.

Which brings us to the subject of uniqueness.

The dictionary tells here:

Uniqueness is:

N; the embodiment of unique characteristics; the only specimen of given kind.

Exsisting as the only one or as the soul example, single, solitary in type or characteristic.

So the debate is, do we identify by what is known as IDENTITY or by our UNIQUENESS?

The two are very close relations and of course can be easily misunderstood, and yet from the same angle are worlds apart.

We need numbers more and more these modern days to identify ourselves. However it’s surely not these figures we identify with, after all you can do what you like with figures!!! Our uniqueness is our identity. It’s the love we give, the laughter we share, the time we give freely, our sensitivity, our genourosity, our warmth. It’s our personalities, our sense of humour, our devotion to our fellow man. Our identity is the way we conduct ourselves. Our identity is the personal uniqueness of who we are and what we stand for.

Identity, more than a number in a little red book!!! Look inside a person’s oneness and find their unique wholeness. Look deep and buried treasure will be found…

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