Change… 2020

As I write this blog with a heart full of love and compassion, there is a world outside frightened, insecure and very troubled. The COVID-19 virus is at international crisis. Governments are working day and night to help prevent this virus from taking more lives, to help all hospitals and their staff stay sane under immense pressure. The world is at war with a crisis, a pandemic, a disease that is not concerned who it attacks. Its a drastic situation that is calling humans to change, so the world can recover.

We are being asked for a short period of time, to change our habits, our lifestyle, our routines. It’s certainly not a lot to ask. However, change is very difficult to us humans. We are always so happy in our own little worlds, doing our own thing with little concern for others. I understand this is not a 100% correct statement, however it does stand for the majority. It’s very sad.

Why does change make us vulnerable and frightened? Even when it is for our own good? Change takes us away from our safety net.

This is a quote from a book I am reading, very true…

I need to change not so much on what needs to be changed in this world as what needs to be changed in me and my attitudes.”

In this current situation we are being asked to protect ourselves so that we can protect others, there will then be international recovery. Stay at home for less than a month unless essential. Can we change our lifestyle to put an end to this situation. Many I fear are finding it difficult. Where others have to go out to work to save lives, they want to stay at home with their loved ones. Where is our loyalty and compassion to those people.

Perhaps, and this is a very big assumption that once this is over (If people actually do as they are asked) we will unite more as a race. A race that cares for their fellows, a race that appreciates there are very vulnerable people in this world. A race who gives and not takes. A race that appreciates their families, friends and colleagues. A race that has more heart and less me, me, me!!! Just perhaps we will change and become humans with ears, eyes and hearts for others.

If this change happens then perhaps there will be some small amount of good to come out of this.

Stay home, stay safe and remember the hero’s who can’t. The NHS, the emergency services, the army and navy, the carers and many more.

A little change can go a very long way…

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