Forgotten Heros

As I sit and ponder in the year 2020. When the world paused, went quiet and slowed down. Whilst people were told to stay home, stay safe and save the NHS. People from all areas, backgrounds and ages lived in a fear, many, a fear that they had not known before. Other people selflessly served their country.

The Prime Minister had a job on his hands, to help and guide the people, to keep them safe. So did doctors, nurses and all the others in the NHS. The carers in homes, and schools. We applauded them all. Fireworks, drums, hand claps all across the nation joined at 8pm on a Thursday evening to cheer and say thanks. Marvellous and rightly so. The blue army, saving lives putting their own at risk… “We shall remember them.”

For all the hero’s above and more we will be forever grateful. We shall hold them high whilst at the same time hold them in our hearts. Gratitude for these people will last more than a lifetime.


What about others. I today accepted a non essential item that I had ordered for my garden. I feel guilty ordering one at this time, but I confess I did. I thanked the driver at a safe distance away for his grand service. (Manners maketh a man.) Where would we be in 2020, if not for the delivery drivers. The supermarkets wouldn’t even have a can of beans!! The daily papers wouldn’t be in print with all the news we crave. Chemists would not have stock to keep us well. Most of all what would happen to the NHS?

Having worked most of my life for the NHS, I have ordered, reordered and ordered again more equipment and materials needed to save people’s lives, from toilet paper to controlled drugs. How does this equipment get to the doctors and nurses? Via delivery men, working round the clock, beating deadlines and sacrificing themselves and their families. How are the older generation staying safe at home, as asked by the Government getting their essential shopping? Via delivery drivers.  The list goes on and quite frankly is endless. Why do we forget these hero’s? Why do we complain when things are not delivered at the exact time stated? Why are we arrogant?

It’s sad, very sad people do not see beyond their visual eye. We have so many people working tirelessly to save lives, however lives couldn’t be saved and we could not eat without delivery men.

Three cheers for the people who make it possible for us to stay home and stay well. Three cheers for people on a minimum wage with no qualifications, keeping this nation running. Three cheers for the unsung hero’s!!!

And a great BIG THANK YOU!!!

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