As we continue to live in the crisis of the year 2020 we are observing the world and all its charms through new eyes. To most people it’s very different and everyday lives have taken on a new meaning as well as a fresh way of living.

Life is quieter, slower and dare I say it peaceful. We are looking at new ways of working, resting, exercising and of course entertaining ourselves.

The internet is being used as it has never done before. As life has moved on from the mid eighties through the nineties and into the noughties, technology has also progressed. Having never really considered it before, and being no tech expert I have always just muddled through. I give myself credit, ( this I may add is a very rare occurance) that I do pick up these things fairly quickly. Where would we be today without it. Without our computers, iPad’s, iPhones, and plentiful other devices. We probably cannot answer that because we take it all so much granted.

Through today’s technology and these very uncertain, demanding and isolating times we find ourselves communicating through many media platforms. The land line, the mobile phone, using text, email, whatsapp, Facebook, LinkedIn and more besides. Marvellous. The world wide web, helping us stay connected to our friends, family and our own world. Groups we belong to, churches can still worship, the list is endless…

This brings me to the point of fellowship. “A friendly association especially with people who shares ones interests.” Fellowship a wonderful thing. It’s something that we probably take for granted normally through our groups. That may be at a gym, a yoga class, a walking group, a book group and so on. However the world has gone to sleep for a while and so must we. However in today’s world there is no need to loose touch with our fellows. To keep showing our love, support and friendship. To share our thoughts, feelings, views and hopes. Where would we be in these isolating, hard and different times with out our fellows.

We are finding the human race, being brought together, giving more love and support than it ever has is my fifty plus years on this earth. We are managing to do this whilst the world sleeps and we are apart. That is true fellowship. A beautiful, delicate yet extremely strong force come about through isolation and social distancing.

Marvellous, simply marvellous. Here’s to fellowship we as human beings have found, well for now at least…

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