It’s 2020!!! The year of Covid 19 in Great Britain. England fell asleep except for “key workers.” Politcians took up thier stance and with every effort and power they had politely asked us to “Stay home to stay safe.” Many did. Others thought they knew better. “STAY HOME” was the slogan.

Many had to work tirelessly, the NHS like it has never done in my lifetime. Doctors, nurses, and all other professionals working in the great scheme of things to risk their lives to save others. Long, long twelve to fourteen hour shifts no breaks and probably little respect.

It’s 2020, the year of Covid 19, “STAY HOME.” The postman, milkman, delivery men and supermarket staff working endless hours for our needs and wants. No pay rise, no thanks, just turn up!!

Safer procedures put into place for industrial workers. PPE, ordered and used to abundance. Building sites have new safety guidelines as do many other industries. Great Britain in chaos as well as the rest of the world.

All these people from members of parliament to supermarket cleaners working tirelessly for the kingdom to keep Britain working, rolling and moving. Hats should be taken off to each and everyone of them. A world gone mad by something the naked eye is unable to see.

Then there are others unable to go out of their own homes for risk of catching the virus, because of the vulnerabilities they have. Letters sent out from doctors. Please stay home. These people so delicate that if the virus catches them, lives would be at stake. Isolation is the only answer. For these human beings it’s a different story. Dependance on others is a must, and extremely frustrating. Food shopping done by members of the family. Posting letters reliant on others all the small things we take for granted and often complain about has to be handed over. Covid 19 has more than shown it’s place and power.

Isolation is lonely and despairing. Even with the brilliance of modern technology. “I’ll zoom you” “I’ll Skype you” “I’ll email you” “I’ll text you,” kindness is beautiful and should never be taken for granted. But the isolation is torment, painful and lonely.

Your mind going round like the rippling effect of a pond when a stone is thrown in. “What shall I do today?” “Whom shall I call?” Routines thrown out of the window as “I’ll do it tomorrow” kicks in. Hobbies at home that you once enjoyed become tedious and a chore. The vicious circle of shall I, well I could but perhaps not, then back again to shall I? Powerlessness of not being able makes you paralysed. Your mind is no safe place, dark, deep, deep dark thoughts compile in your head.

Please don’t think that this Covid 19 is great, it’s killing people in more ways than one. It’s taking more than lives. It’s taking sanity. It’s taking people and making them into people they just aren’t.

Isolation is as hard as going to work in these very trying times. No one’s getting of lightly.

Covid 19, the killer of killers!!!

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